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While growing up in the northern Israeli city of Nahariya, W4S founder Raina was taught something that would never leave her — respect the earth’s natural resources. You see, Israel doesn’t have an abundance of water, electricity, or any other natural resource for that matter, so the country works hard to preserve what they’ve got. It’s a lesson that hasn’t left her to this day, and the impetus behind Women4Solar.

But it wasn’t until Raina became a new mom herself that she realized how important it was to take action towards climate change. If she didn’t do something, what would be left for her children? So, she joined the solar revolution. Raina started with putting solar panels on her own home, and along the way realized how absolutely daunting the entire process is. It wasn’t easy to actually find  reliable information she could trust. It was through her frustrations that she founded Women4Solar. Her goal became to not only educate others on the importance of alternative energy, but also help those interested in going solar make the move, in an easy and painless way.

Today, Women4Solar has grown to a full-fledged solar concierge. We take care of all of your alternative energy needs, from designing your renewable energy package to financing and installing the whole thing. The headache is no more!


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