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Could gamechangerblogimagesit be that Amendment 1 may actually be the vehicle that can help decide one of the most divided elections of our times?

I have always said everything in life happens for a reason and I can see the master plan playing out before our eyes. Right now, Florida is the epicenter of the most intense election in recent history. It is also the only state in the union that is threatened daily by the adverse effects of climate change.

Amendment 1 is a deceptive scheme brought on by the monopoly utilities to protect their super power and prey on the peoples’ inherit desire for a cleaner, healthier future, and in many cases, the physical safety of their homes.

This fierce David vs Goliath battle — solar power vs fossil fuel super powers — have awoken a sleeping giant, the people of Florida. Our grassroots effort is motivating people to go to the polls and vote NO on Amendment 1, regardless of party affiliation or presidential choice. The opposition may have a lot of money but the peoples’ voices are stronger.

The bi-product of our grassroots solar effort has motivated disenfranchised voters that would otherwise sit out of the vote because they are frustrated with both Presidential candidates. We have lit a fire in them to stand up against the monopoly utilities and head to the polls. And here’s the catch — once they are at the polling booth I am almost certain that the majority of them will vote for the nominee who has an aggressive climate agenda and is prepared to combat climate change. Our efforts to raise awareness on this important solar issue may just sway the nation’s Presidential results!







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