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raina-profile-pic-copytwitterlinkedinemailRAINA RUSSO, Founder & CEO

Raina is Women4Solar’s founder and tireless leader. She is the original “Solar Mom” who is always making sure her staff is well fed with organic fruit shakes and exercising regularly. Raina has over a decade of experience in the solar industry and was named one of the Top 10 Women in Solar by the Energy Collective. She founded W4S with intention to shine a light on the consumer’s personal path to alternative energy success. In 2011, she created the world’s largest online solar community with her #SolarChats which brought together solar energy industry professionals from all over. Raina is also a civil engineer and Isreali Defense Force (IDF) vet, so let’s just say — you don’t wanna mess!

What’s the most insane experience on planet earth: “While I was scuba diving off the coast of Koh Samui, Thailand I encountered a 22-foot whale shark surrounded by a school of flesh-eating Piranhas. Luckily, I lived to tell the tale.”




img_1062twitterlinkedinemailSARA SHULMAN, Creative Director

Sara is Women4Solar’s Creative Director and resident Crossfitter. With a background in both writing and design, Sara works to build the Women4Solar brand and create engaging content that is both educational and initiates the call the action that W4S strives to create. In her free time, Sara enjoys competing in obstacle course races, she’s already done two Spartans, a Tough Mudder and a ½ Marathon.

What’s the most insane experience on planet earth: “I camped out for a week on San Blas Island, off the coast of Panama. The island had no electricity or running water so we were totally depended on the land, and what the Guna Yala, who lived there, could provide us. I took a really long shower as soon I got back to civilization.”




avitaltwitteremailAVITAL GREENFEST, Social Media Director

As Women4Solar’s resident Social Media Director and Publicist, Avital works to educate the masses in alternative energy. It’s not always so easy to explain but with Avital’s sharp eye and unyielding commitment to the cause, she is able to make alternative energy accessible. Avital is also an avid kick-boxer and, like Raina, an IDF vet as well. She is the most recent addition to W4S and is currently working on a documentary entitled, “The Solar Sisters.”

What’s the most insane experience on planet earth: “I burned my eyes while backpacking through Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. I walked around for a week after dousing my eyes with water from a squirt bottle I stole from a random Bolivian kid…oops”


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