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There has never been a more critical time in America to step up our solar leadership on the state level.

Florida has defeated a mammoth battle shutting down Amendment 1 and proving that people power plays a major role in democracy. So let’s not lose our focus, now is the time to band together and tap in to our collective powers and unstoppable burning passion to create a better world for ourselves and our future through solar power.

Social media is where most Americans get their news but more importantly — it’s the tool of the people. We must stay vigilant! In that vein we have kicked off the #FLSolarState campaign. This will become the hashtag for Floridians. The #NoOn1 campaign brought us together but now we must maintain the momentum. A cohesive solar environment will generate positive and truthful news. It will be our safe place to come together, network, exchange information, and collectively expand solar energy in The Sunshine State. #FLSolarState will keep us together!

Speak out boldly for solar in Florida. Through our collective voices, this united hashtag will act as a megaphone for Floridians.

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