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A note from our Founder, Raina Russo:

In honor of International Women’s Day and really in honor of women every day I want to share with you my thoughts on why we believe CREW has yet again cracked the code and poised to play an extraordinary roll ensuring the solar industry is relevant and on a trajectory to enormous success.

Based on our national research and numerous substantiated reports, women are the chief purchasing officers of the typical American household and they dominate the solar decision making process.

Who better to hand deliver the solar message to these decision makers, these CPO’s of our homes, if not solar women themselves?! IMG_9445

CREW is expanding rapidly, creating a nationwide community of Solar Powered Super Heroes. We are hitting our communities, delivering an empowering solar message straight to the heart and soul of the people we surround ourselves with. School soccer fields, coffee shops, the gym… we are combining work and play to build a sustainable future.

Though CREW, we are offering actionable solutions to the problems of climate change, health risks and rising energy costs. We are taking action to help save our planet, creating a better future for our children and putting money in our pockets while doing so.

This is a scenario where everyone on board is a winner.

The solar industry currently suffers from a tremendous imbalance that sees men far outnumber women in all areas. But CREW’s inclusive culture, work flexibility and spirit of giving as part of the mission is attracting huge percentages of women. We are going to lead the industry in female recruitment, and not just bridge the gender gap but blow it out of the water.

If we want more renewable energy, we need to put more women in power. CREW has opened that door. CREW has cracked the code.

I’m Raina Russo, the Original Solar Mom, and I approve this message.

If you would like to become a solar powered super hero consider joining our crew today.

For more details on CREW including more on this message please watch our latest training call.


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