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img_1306Women4Solar is all about “advocacy and action” and we stand by our word. Today, our staff attended one of the 12 simultaneous #NoOn1 press conferences that took place across the state of Florida. At the West Palm Beach location, Capt. Carter Quillen’s Archimedes, AKA, The “No On 1” solar boat was the backdrop as attendees heard from State Representative Lori Berman; County Commissioner Paulette Burdick; Pamela Goodman, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida; Justin Hoysradt, CEO & Public Policy at Vinyasun, and our very own CEO, Raina Russo.

img_1337“What is happening here in Florida feels to me like sheer madness,” Raina shared with the crowd. “We have 5 Amendments on the ballot this year, yet only Amendment 1 requires $25 million dollars to market and explain. An amendment to our constitution should not require any explanation let alone such a costly one. Yes, to medical marijuana or not? Doesn’t require a college degree. You are either for or against. But Amendment 1 isn’t saying what it means and the people have caught on.”

img_1331With less than a week left till Election Day, the push to get the word out has never been more urgent. The grassroots No On 1 effort is working hard but, as County Commissioner Burdick said, “This is a true David vs. Goliath story.”



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