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Solar ambassadorship group provides mentoring, support, and guidance to female CREW members and others who seek to spread sunshine

February 2, 2016

Delray Beach, FL – Women4Solar, an organization of Florida’s premier social ambassadors aiming to shine a light on the benefits of solar energy and illuminate the path for solar-curious consumers, has teamed up with CREW, a company with the mission of decentralizing the production of energy and the creation of wealth by empowering people.

CREW provides a new economic model for anyone passionate about reversing the effects of climate change, preserving our Earth’s natural resources, and creating a better future for our children, while, at the same time, earning a living and securing their own financial future.

The Solar Trifecta

Women4Solar is uniquely qualified to assist fellow CREW members in attaining their goals, and, specifically, offer business mentoring and inspiration to young female CREW members. In 80 percent of all households, the Chief Purchasing Officer – the person who makes the decisions about the brands the family buys on a daily basis, as well as major decisions regarding home upgrades — is female.
And in more than 90 percent of all households that have installed solar panels, women have made or participated in that decision.

Women are, additionally, the prime environmental stewards, concerned about preserving our planet and its natural resources for our children and grandchildren. Finally, women own 80 percent of all direct sales businesses, influencing their friends, peers, colleagues and their social media networks with passion and eloquence.

This is why women and, specifically, female CREW members, form the heart of what Women4Solar Founder Raina Russo calls a “Solar Trifecta,” bringing solar to household decision makers through CREW. (Please see our infographic for greater details on how these factors interact.)

“Even though women are the decision-makers when it comes to household purchases, including solar power, we are under-represented in the solar industry,” says Raina. “CREW provides a chance to tip those scales, giving us a tangible, proven business model through which to not only share the benefits of solar power but start new careers that are emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding.”

“We recognize the need for a female-friendly business model in solar and, with help from Women4Solar, CREW provides that model,” says CREW Founder Robert Styler. “Women4Solar is ready, willing and able to assist mothers looking for a flexible business opportunity, young women seeking to pay off student loans, and women everywhere who want to “spread sunshine” and help create a brighter future”

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Helping Women Spread Sunshine

CREW is based on a unique business model, where independent Energy Advisors (CREW members), educate consumers on their solar options, trusting them to make the right choice with the right information. Customers and independent CREW members alike can then profit by “spreading sunshine.”

Unlike many of the solar leases that are popular today, purchasing solar panels through a CREW member:

→ Entitles you to the largest tax credit for your solar installation (30 percent of the total cost from the federal Investment Tax Credit and other local incentives)

→ Means that you own the panels once the loan is paid off, so you’ll see even greater savings on your energy bills

→ Raises your home’s property value faster because you own the panels

→ Offers you an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars a month simply by telling your friends and “spreading sunshine.”

Additionally, solar panel purchases are practical and cost-effective in states, such as Florida, where solar leasing is not yet viable. “CREW represents an ideal opportunity for women to share their passion for solar energy and play a powerful role in this fast-growing industry,” says Raina.

Giving Women a Powerful Solar Voice

Just recently, a young independent CREW member, though confident about solar (she is a climatology major) was unsure about her sales abilities. She approached Raina for advice. “I spoke with her candidly, woman-to-woman, offering support and encouragement and sharing my own solar journey with her. Now, she’s inspired and empowered,” says Raina. “She’s got this.”

“We’re excited about the feminine touch and relatability Women4Solar brings to CREW,” says Robert Styler. “Raina has been described as ‘the Solar Mom,’ and her voice, enthusiasm, and positive energy will go far in empowering other women, showing them that a bright future is attainable through solar power.”

About CREW
Founded by entrepreneur Robert Styler, CREW is dedicated to decentralizing the production of energy and the creation of wealth by empowering people. CREW encourages people to take back their power with $0 down solar ownership. By building long-term, win/win relationships, CREW seeks to provide the best value in solar. CREW partnered with Dividend Solar, which is the highest rated solar company in customer satisfaction by Consumer Affairs and, through its hand-picked solar installer partners, has become the fastest growing solar company in America, with over 1,000 installs a month.

About Women4Solar
Women4Solar represents Florida’s premier solar ambassadors. As advocates, mothers, and professionals, Women4Solar shines a light on the consumer’s personal solar energy path, highlighting solar homeowners’ journeys, and paving the way to a state fully powered by solar energy. Women4Solar addresses the critical need to bring women and women’s perspectives to the forefront of the evolving solar industry, and to support outreach and advocacy efforts through experienced, passionate voices in the solar industry.

Founded by civil engineer, solar activist, mom of two, and Florida resident Raina Russo, Women4Solar is the logical culmination of Russo’s decades of experience as a solar homeowner, solar community-builder, and leading solar advocate. Russo has been honored by a New York state Congressional representative as a “Warrior for our Planet,” and named by The Energy Collective as a Top 10 Woman in Solar.

To learn more about Women4Solar, please visit our website, www.women4solar.com, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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